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Gene & Georgetti

Neighborhood: River North
Price Rating: Over $45 per person
Hours: unknown

Number of reviews: 1
Average rating: 4.5

500 N Franklin St. (Map it!)
Chicago 60610

(312) 527-3718
FAX: (312) 527-2039

Gene & Georgetti inspection report

Privatjokr (blog) says:
...This was a great dinner at a great restaurant... (link)

Reviewed 2002-08-13 (Reviewer)
We eat at Gene & Georgetti's each time we visit Chicago. No question, the filet is as close to perfect as I have found. Unfortunately, you have to wade through the service to get the food.This is one of those restaurants were regulars are treated like royalty, and visitors are treated like garbage. I have never been seated anywhere but upstairs, practically in a corner (and no, it's not the size of my party). Once seated, the waiters treat you like they are doing you a favor by servicing your table. I know, some people find this endearing, and part of the "charm" of this restaurant. I find it annoying.On to the food. The salad is great, if basic iceberg drenched in dressing. But the only reason for a visit here is the steak. I am, and will always be, partial to filet. The one annoying waiter habit I do find slightly endearing is the way they sneer at my wife when she attempts to order her steak medium well. A word to the unaware: It doesn't matter how you order your steak, it will be prepared medium rare.Finally, skip dessert. Get coffee if you want, but take a walk, or a cab through the city before dessert. Your stomach will need the break. I recommend either the Ghirardelli retail outlet or Cheesecake Factory for dessert.

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