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Neighborhood: Hyde Park
Price Rating: Under $15 per person
Hours: 11:00 am - 12:00 am

Number of reviews: 1
Average rating: 5.0

5309 S Blackstone Ave. (Map it!)
Chicago 60615

(773) 947-0200
FAX: unknown

Giordano's inspection report

Exit, Pursued by a Bear (blog) says:
I went through a phase where I preferred Gino’s East over Giordano’s, but I now recognize Giordano’s as the pinnacle of pizza, with competition coming from Lou Malnati’s and Pizzeria Uno... (link)

Matt\'s Musings (blog) says:
If you're wanting deep-dish pizza in Chicago, look no further than Giordanno's... (link)

Reviewed 2002-08-19 (Reviewer)
I think that Giordano's is the best pizza in town. (Let the flame war begin.) However, it's no fun to wait an hour for a table. And let's face it, the servers are often grumpy (at any location), and the ambiance is lacking. But you're there for the pizza anyway. Skip Uno/Due (wait just as long for not as good pizza), or check out Lou Malnati's (almost as good pizza, and still not as crowded as Giordano's), or go to Giordano's and wait!

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